Dwarak Narasimhan

Feb 19, 2021

2 min read

Dare to be different — Enlighten yourself!

In a world where man looked to a Supreme Being to explain what he did not understand, one person questioned everything. In a world that believed that happiness and relief from pain could only be obtained through sacrifices to the Gods, he probed deeper. In a world that was controlled by priests who claimed to carry God’s word to and from man, he looked into himself to find answers.

About two thousand five hundred years ago, Gautama Buddha walked this earth in search of answers. Troubled by the pain and suffering that he saw around, he sought to understand the cause and the remedy for such pain. But unlike everything that was done till that time, he did not look to the heavens for answers — he looked within himself. Questioning relentlessly, the Buddha came to the conclusion that all beings experience happiness and sorrow. The origin of sorrow and pain is desire. The release can only be attained through giving up desire. He proceeded to prescribe an eight‑fold path to achieve this.

The guiding principles that the Buddha laid down are as relevant today (perhaps even more so) as they were more than two and a half millennia ago. But it had taken one man to question everything that was known till that point to guide humanity towards an answer.

The Buddha laid down the path for all mankind for eternity because he dared to be different and question what was known. Will you trace your own path by daring to be different?

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The Buddha looked within for the answers (image courtesy google images)