Stand for something — break down the Wall!

Music is life, it is beauty. It is fuelled by imagination. It flows, unconstrained and free. It starts where human comprehension ends. But music is also a form of protest — a refusal to accept the limitations of being human. A call to stand up for something. A plea to rise above the noise.

And therefore, music comes with a responsibility. A responsibility to continually stretch the limits of our acceptance and imagination — directly and indirectly.

In 1824 in Vienna, Ludwig van Beethoven premiered his 9th Symphony before a packed house. Composed after the complete loss of his hearing, it is widely regarded as his greatest work. Till this day, and indeed for all time to come, Ode to Joy elevates us and will continue to free us from the tyranny and monotony of our everyday lives. A lasting reminder that one can overcome any limitation to create something everlasting and more, of great beauty.

On the other hand, in 1979, a British rock band sang what is regarded as one of the great anthems of protest. Pink Floyd recorded “Another Brick in the Wall”, protesting the rigidity and rigor of schooling as they chanted “we don’t need no education.” The song went on to inspire millions of schoolchildren (including me) to shed the shackles imposed by thoughtless, unimaginative and uninspiring educators and to think freely, challenge the ordinary and stand up to authority.

Whatever be your chosen field — music or math, accounting or art — will you have the courage to stand for what you believe in?

If you haven’t listened to Ode to Joy: Flashmob Flash Mob — Ode an die Freude ( Ode to Joy ) Beethoven Symphony №9 classical music — YouTube

If you subscribe to the Floyd model of education: Another Brick in the Wall (Part 2) — Pink Floyd — YouTube

Music is a form of protest too, as Pink Floyd showed us (image courtesy google images)