Teamwork — The perfect (phil)harmony

There are one hundred and five of them.

Ninety-two men and thirteen women. Old and young. Dark skinned and light skinned. Left-handed and right-handed. Stout and slim. Tall and short. From different parts of the world. Different personalities. Different interests. Different skills. Different challenges. Some play string instruments. Some play woodwinds. Some play brass instruments. Some play percussion. They only have one thing in common — their desire to play the perfect symphony.

It is 8.30 PM. He walks in. He is wearing a tuxedo with coattails. He is wearing a Neapolitan collar. His initials are carved onto his shirt sleeves. He carries a baton. He turns to the audience and bows. He acknowledges the one hundred and five people in front of him. He raises his arms gently. Pauses. And brings them down. A second later, our ears are filled with the beauty of their music. For the next hour, he dictates and directs, commands and controls, cajoles and coaxes his team. A glance here, a gaze there, a glare here, a glower there. Not a word is uttered. Not a note is missed. There is perfect harmony in the music.

Each person knows their role. Each person plays it to perfection. Each person knows they must do just that, and no more. Strings give way to brass. Brass gives way to woodwind. Percussion joins in. The instruments wax and wane in the perfect metre before coming together in a crescendo. The audience is spellbound.

He turns around to acknowledge the cheers of the audience. He waves towards his magnificent team, for it is they who have played to perfection, following every movement of his hand, each of them coming together to create something magical. They have played the perfect symphony.

Can you play your role in creating the perfect team?

If you want to learn to lead like a great conductor, then watch: Itay Talgam: Lead like the great conductors — YouTube

The orchestra comes together to create perfection (image courtesy google images)

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